Reviewing Hands PT4

  There was a good session in NL100 the other day, so I will analyze it using PokerTracker 4. VPIP 23, pre-flop raise 8, CB 18 is not very aggressive. It is the result of carefully waiting for a high pair card. 747 hands and net won of 97 dollars. ... Read More

First Settings in PokerTracker 4

  First Settings in PokerTracker 4 ( PT4) Once you finished installing PokerTracker 4 and it began working, here is the first change in settings that I would recommend you to do. When HUD is displayed as in the image above, it might not be what you ... Read More

Hold’em Manager 2 HUD Pop-Up

  What is the pop-up? From the previous article, you may know that Hold’em Manager 2 has table HUD and player HUD. This software has many stats and information and you don’t always have the time to look closely at the numbers when you are playing wi... Read More