How to Analyze Players in Hold’em Manager 2



Hold’em Manager 2 displays opponent’s stats as HUD on the table. You can also compare your play status to statistically excellent players.
The image below summarizes your play at pre-flop numerically and visually.
In this article, I would introduce various functions of Player Analysis.

Player Analysis


First, select opponents from the menu. Click on Cash if necessary and select Player Analysis.
When you click on Player Summary for, you will see your stats and a graph.
This shows how well you played in pre-flop, turn, and river.
*If you want to learn more about the stats like VPIP, PFR, 3Bet, and Squeeze, check this article.

Line Analysis
Another useful function is Line Analysis.
The image you see below is the analysis of your play when you 4Bet at pre-flop.
There are 3 4bets at AA, QQ, and JJ.


For example, if you double-click on AA, the play would be repeated with the replay function.
4Bet is pretty rare so it is helpful if you want to check if you played well.


Stat Analysis and Notes

In this tab, you can review the player notes and see the graph with player’s trends.


Hole Cards
In this menu, the magnitude of the profit or loss will be displayed by extracting hole cards from all hands.
You can always reproduce certain hands using the replay function.
Here you can download the 30 day free trial of Hold’em Manager 2.



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