HUD Settings in Hold’em Manager 2



The surviving players of online poker like PokerStars tend to be very strong.
It is hard to make a profit by paying the rake but HUD can help you.
This time, I will introduce the most important stats and various settings in Hold’em Manager 2.


Above is the table HUD, below is the player HUD.


Important stats in HUD

VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot)
Can be used to predict the probability at which the opponent participates in the pot and whether the player is loose or tight.
PFR (Pre Flop Raise)
Includes open raise, 3bet, 4bet, and shows how aggressively the opponent is playing.
AF (Aggression Factor)
The ratio of aggressive action (raise) and passive action (call).
Check and fold are not included.
AF 2 means the player rises 2 times more often than he calls.
CBF (Cbet Flop)
The percentage of hands player bets the Flop after raising preflop.
It shows the frequency of opponent’s Flop continuation bet.

3 bet Preflop
The percentage of how often the player 3bets
Generally, less than 4 % means tight, more than 8% means 3bet is frequent.
If the player often 3bets after a blind, it may be worth to counterattack.

Settings in Hold’em Manager 2


Let’s take one of the stats as an example and try to add CBF to Hold’em Manager 2.
First, select HUD Settings from the menu in Hold’em Manager 2.


When you see HUD Settings as in the image below,
1 Choose HUD Designer
2 Click on Continuation Bet, since we’re adding CBF
3 Select Flop CBet right below it
4 Click on the left arrow and it will be added to player HUD
5 Click on Apply
6 Click on OK and it will be saved


By default, your stats are divided by the slash but it might be hard to use it until you memorize which numbers represent certain stats.
If you select Show abbreviations from the Common Settings which are found in
General Settings, the names of stats would be displayed in player HUD.


How can you use the stats?

ST.SB (Steal, Small Blind)
This is the percentage of steals during small blinds.
ST.BTN (Steal, Big Blind)
This is the situation you get in NL50 Zoom A10o when you have a reraise to 6 dollars during small blind.



Take a look at SB stats.
We have 132 hands and ST.SB is 83.


There we have a 4B of 14 dollars, which is 2.5 times. It is not the big raise but we fold.
The estimated win is 7.75 dollars, the amount raised is 13.75 dollars, the winning percentage is above 70% so that’s pretty good odds.



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