Hold’em Manager 2 HUD Pop-Up



What is the pop-up?

From the previous article, you may know that Hold’em Manager 2 has table HUD and player HUD.
This software has many stats and information and you don’t always have the time to look closely at the numbers when you are playing with several players at the same time.
However, when you hit the final stage of the tournament or the pot is increasing, you might encounter the situation where you have to make an important decision.
In this case, player HUD can’t provide enough data.
And that’s where you need the pop-ups.



Win Rate – wins in bb per 100bb
Net$ Won –net won in dollars
VPIP – the percentage of money voluntarily put in the pot
PFR – the percentage of raise during pre-flop
WTSD% (When Saw Flop) – the percentage of showdown
WonSD% – the percentage of wins in showdown
Cold Call Raiser – the percentage of calls where you face the raiser
3Bet – the percentage of 3Bet
Call 3Bet – the percentage of calls on 3Bets
Fold to 3Bet – the percentage of folds to 3Bets
Each of these numbers is displayed by position.

When you place the mouse on the stats, the detailed numerical values will be shown as a pop-up in Hold’em Manager 2.
You can change the settings so that it would only be shown when you click on it, to avoid it getting in the way when you accidentally put your mouse over it.
First, click on HUD Settings


Click on General Settings and check the box next to Click for stat popup.
You will get the pop-ups only when you click on it


Player’s trends by position and reactions to 3Bets would be displayed in detail.
It could be used for defense and steals of blinds during pre-flop.


Settings for pop-ups in Hold’em Manager 2

Select HUD Settings.


Then click on Popup Designer.
1 Make a new popup
2 Reset
3 Delete the popup you made
4 Import data
5 Insert the column
6 Delete the column
7 Insert row
8 Delete row
9 Delete the information inside the selected cell
10 Change of font
11 Change of outer frame
12 Change of text color


Displaying pop-ups
The image below is my player HUD. The sections are set up as the following:
Name/number of hands/VPIP/PFR/PAF/FCB/3B.
When you move the cursor on PAF, the following stats will be shown.
It mainly shows how aggressively you play during pre-flop or flop.
It also displays whether you call or fold the CBet.


If you move the cursor on the name, VPIP or PFR, the stats of pre-flop will be displayed.
It shows the participation rate to pot and the reaction to 3Bet.


By moving the cursor on the number of hands, you will see the change of chips per time.



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