Hold’em Manager 2 Active Session


Hold’em Manager has a function called Active Session, which displays the current play status in numerical values and graphs.
You will see the amount of profit in that session and whether that profit comes from showdown or aggressive play.
If you click on Active Session in the menu, you will get the following picture.
Current profit, number of hands, and EV are displayed in the upper left.

In the image below, green represents the net won, yellow is for the rakeback (bonus), orange if you had a showdown, blue if you didn’t.
Everything is represented in the graph.
In the example below, you can see that there is some profit when there is showdown. However, CBet might be insufficient.


Next, we have the details of hands.
Hole cards and pot are shown. Red is for loss and blue for win, the bar graph shows the sum of pot.
If you double-click on the card, the replay function would reproduce the play.
It is useful when you play Zoom of PokerStars because you can see the situation after folding.
The Q5 hand on the left shows how pot increased after folding.



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