Color Coding HUD in PokerTracker 4


Color Coding HUD PokerTracker

HUD in PokerTracker 4 will show you opponent’s trends in stats.
That means you can decide whether the player is strong or weak, tight or lose or aggressive from HUD.
However, when you’re playing against several players as in Zoom, you don’t have the time to look at those numbers.
That’s why it is helpful to have them color coded so it’ll be easier to make a fast decision.
In this article, I will walk you through the settings to change the color of your stats.

Go to Edit Hud Profiles from Hud in the menu.

Let’s select VPIP as an example from the area (6) in the picture below.

Select VPIP (1), click on it and you can start choosing the color (2). Add the color (3) and click OK. It will change the color.

If we take VPIP as an example, we can say that generally everything above 30% is loose.
It is even more useful if you can color code to display opponent’s certain features and characteristics.
First, select VPIP and then Color Ranges. Click Add.
Set Minimum to 30 and Maximum to 100. It will only show the players above 30% so we can predict that they are loose.

We can add more ranges.
In the example below, red is below 20%, yellow for 20-35%, and light green for 35-100%.

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