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Tracking tool

Nowadays, the competition is intensifying due to popularity of online poker, especially Texas Hold’em.
It’s not easy to secure your profits, but many winners use the tracking tool and heads-up display.
Tracking tool is software that accumulates data of opponents and your own playing status.
It would also analyze that data and display various stats like VPIP as HUD on your play screen.
You can get statistical information before betting chips, as shown in the image below.


Below are some of the important stats:

VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot)
Can be used to predict the probability at which the opponent participates in the pot and whether the player is loose or tight.
PFR (Pre Flop Raise)
Includes open raise, 3bet, 4bet, and shows how aggressively the opponent is playing.
AF (Aggression Factor)
The ratio of aggressive action (raise) and passive action (call).
Check and fold are not included.
AF 2 means the player rises 2 times more often than he calls.
CBF (Cbet Flop)
The percentage of hands player bets the Flop after raising preflop.
It shows the frequency of opponent’s Flop continuation bet.
3 bet Preflop
The percentage of how often the player 3bets
Generally, less than 4 % means tight, more than 8% means 3bet is frequent.
If the player often 3bets after a blind, it may be worth to counterattack.

How to download and use PokerTracker 4 (PT4)

The most popular application for head-up display is Hold’em Manager 2(HM2), but I would like to introduce how to download the 30 day free trial of PokerTracker 4(PT4), a more intuitive and simple software.

First of all, go to the website of PokerTracker 4.
Click on Create Account and register your username.

Username must be between 4-16 characters. Your e-mail address can be a free mail, but you won’t get spam.
Enter your name and password.

Next, click on Download.
Click on Begin 30 Day Texas Holdem Trial, as in the image below.

Click Next.

Leave My Currency in US dollars.

Select PokerStars as your site.

If the settings for hands history in PokerStars are in English, it will function as it is.

Leave the Auto Center configurations of PokerStars as it is.

Select Yes if you play Zoom on PokerStars.

Select the recommended settings.

Everything related to display and themes can be changed later.

When you see the following image, choose Close. The initial setup is now complete.

PokerStars Settings

PT 4 is only available in English, so make sure the hands history is in English as well.

Click on Hand History from the Settings and check the box next to Save My Hand History.
Set Keep Hand Histories for the maximum 9999 days.
Click on Apply Changes, and then OK.

Once you’re done with the settings, you can click on Get Hands While Playing and a few hands later, HUD should be displayed.

Here are your statistical data.

PokerTracker 4 30 Day Free Trial

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