PokerTracker 4  Reviewing Your Hand Range

There are 169 combinations of 2 cards in poker (Texas Hold’em).
Most websites and books recommend raise with the top 5% of hands under the gun.
But of course, it depends on the several factors.
If we consider the tournament, early stages and middle stages, where blinds are increasing, have different situations.
Stakes also affect the game.
In fact, every player has a trouble reading opponent’s cards during micro-stakes tournaments.
In this article, I would like to demonstrate how to analyze your own hands using PokerTracker 4.

Click on View Stats Statistics from the PokerTracker 4 database.
Next, select (1) Holdem Hand Range Visualizer from a drop-down menu.
Then you will see your hand range as in the image below.

Here, all positions are marked but if you remove it, you can see the hand range by position (2).
If you click on (1) AA in the image below, the results will be shown on the left side. 9 hands, 168.92BB won.
You can also replay what you did during specific time, in this case 1:15 pm January 18th 2016. All AA hand history will be displayed (2).


If you double-click (2), you can replay and see the hands details.


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