Reviewing Hands PT4


There was a good session in NL100 the other day, so I will analyze it using PokerTracker 4.
VPIP 23, pre-flop raise 8, CB 18 is not very aggressive.
It is the result of carefully waiting for a high pair card.

747 hands and net won of 97 dollars.
The percentage of showdown wins is 60 %, which probably means that bet at the river was not sufficient.

Let us see what hands led to winning.
Click on View Stats from the main screen and then Statistics.
Select All Hands from the center and finally click on Hole Cards to display results for each of your hole cards.
It shows that there was AA six times, leading to 105 dollars. It is 6 out of 747 so the fact that AA occurred often and there were not major accidents contributed to victory.
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